Two tiny bird species may block the town’s plans for growth!

Over the last several years and according to census data, the town of Shelburne has grown much faster than any other segment of Dufferin County. Over a 5-year period from 2006 to 2011, Shelburne enjoyed 13.5% growth.  The town has plans to continue that rapid pace of growth with the addition of several new commercial and residential projects as well as a new school in the works.

However, as the Orangeville Citizen reports; there are two bird species that may block the Town of Shelburne’s growth plans.  The “at risk” bird species are the Bobolink and the Chimney Swift. The Ministry of Natural Resources believes that there is a probability that some of growth plans for Shelburne includes breeding grounds for the two species.

Shelburne is counting on this planned growth to enhance their tax base as well as extend their municipal strength in the County of Dufferin, by increasing their representation to five seats at the County. Shelburne has plans to grow to 10,000 people in accordance with Places to Grow legislation.

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