Hot Spring Real Estate Market Predicted

Welcome to the new year…

The real estate market is starting to heat up. I expect a strong spring market for sales!

The spring real estate market traditionally is one of the best times of year to buy or sell a home.

The reason for this is largely due to increased inventory levels post Holiday’s, as well as timing.

A large number of home buyers look to move during the summer months.  This typically requires a purchase in the late winter/early spring markets.

As a buyer or a seller; it is best to get into the market early. As a buyer, this will allow you to find the best home at the right price.  As a seller, you want to be in the market early enough to catch the maximum potential buyers.

With the expected growth in the economy this year and with the low interest rates, our spring market should be particularly busy.


About cluxemburger

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2 Responses to Hot Spring Real Estate Market Predicted

  1. Gordon Hufnagel says:

    Mr. luxemburger. I am a director in OpposeBelwoodWindFarm Association (OBWF). We are fighting an turbine company in Centre Wellington. We would very much like to use your study from Melancthon, specifially a percentage drop in property value close to the turbines. I find reference in your power point presentation of a $48k average drop in value, but nowhere have I been able to get a direct reference to estimated % drop. CBC refers to 20% to 40% loss but I have not been able to verify these figures. I would appreciate if you could direct me to this information. An
    excellent study. Thank you. Gordon Hufnagel Fudn Raising Director, OBWF

    • cluxemburger says:

      Hi Gordon. Thank you for your inquiry. I apologize for the delay in response, for some reason this post ended up in Spam as opposed to a reply to our Blog site. To answer your question, when the initial study was conducted back in 2009 our findings were an estimated drop of up to 40%. This was based on distance from the windmills. The closer the property was to the windmill, the more of an impact it had. CBC’s reference of 20-40% is accurate based on our study as we found that there was a reduction of properties around that range depending on proximity. Interestingly enough, the study was repeated by two other groups (an appraiser in the Windsor area as well as a REALTOR® in the Wolfe Island area), and in both cases they came to very similar results. As a result we re-ran the study in 2011 and found that although there was some softening of the “impact” of these windmills; generally there was still an impact in price based on proximity. This lead us to also conclude that until the devices are normalized in the landscape (no longer a stigma or a hinderence), they will continue to impact prices of the homes.

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