More Windmill News!

More news on the windmill front.  I will be speaking at the the West Lincoln Wind Turbine Information night on April 14th, 2011 at the South Lincoln High School.  The information session begins at 7pm.  Check out the press release on the WCO website at:   

You can also check out the report I did a few years back on


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4 Responses to More Windmill News!

  1. Catherine Mitchell says:

    I attended your presentation on the impact of wind turbines on real estate values last night. Thank you for your research, your concern and indeed your wealth of information.
    I believe that you may have a flaw in your suggestion that the land owner that allows a wind turbine to be put up on their property benifits from value added because the wind turbine generates revenue for the land owner. This indeed looks true in the short run but to my thinking wind turbines have a very short shelf life ( 15 – 20 years ?) before they are decommissioned and the cost of getting the giant down and disposing of the steel and concrete may cost more than the property is worth so I fail to see how the land owner benifits except in the very, very short term.

    • cluxemburger says:

      Thank you for your thoughtful comments. When using valuation principals, we add value under a concept called the principal of contribution to properties that contribute to their current static value. By this I mean that a property with an income source will be worth more than the same property without an income source. We don’t take into consideration the “shelf life” of an object because the income source remains as a positive contributor until the income ceases. Due to the fact that the wind turbine is not owned by the property owner, there is no need to adjust or depreciate the Value of the object based on its “shelf life”… Hope that clarifies things…. Thank you again for the comment.

  2. Robert Botelho says:

    While I can appreciate the insight that have presented regarding property valuations. I am curious about what the alternative is regarding energy production. Is it not important to consider the negative impact that coal fired plants? Do they not only negatively impact our environment but the real estate value of land in the surrounding area? Not to mention the eventual cost of remedying the brown fields that are left behind. I can appreciate that many people would not like a towering windmill in relatively close proximity to there residences. And, I thought that these windmills provided income to the land owner through a land lease arrangement; that happens to be the case with PV panels that are not owned by the property holders providing space for there installation energy producers.

  3. cluxemburger says:

    Hi Robert… Absolutely; alternative energy is something that has to be explored; coal fired (even clean coal – whatever that means – lol) has to be replaced. Why we dont invest into more hydro-electric projects that are the cleanest form of energy out there; I’ll never know.

    I’ve never said we shouldn’t be employing alternative energy sources. My position from the standpoint of a Realtor is that these Wind Turbines pose issues for land owners. We along with several other agencies have been able to show the ill effects of these devices close to homes and communities; of which land values is just one facet.

    The bottom line is for most Canadians, the home is their single and only investment; depreciation of that investment and encroachment of property rights is unacceptable. For this reason OREA (the Ontario Real Estate Association) and CREA (the Canadian Real Estate Association) are in the midst of defending these property rights for all kinds of threats such as the placement of these devices, the minerals act, amongst many others.

    There is a reason several countries around the world who have had these devices for a lot longer than we have in North America has moved these devices off shore and away from residential pockets.

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