OREA to take a stance on Windmills

This has been an issue in Dufferin County for some time. Membership has now been able to sway our Provincial Real Estate Association (OREA) to take on this issue. OREA’s President was quoted saying that they have begun working on the issue and will be forwarding the issue to Government Relations, Legal, and Forms committees for further action. Additionally to protect consumers, there will be a release of a new Property Information Form disclosing windmill projects. A good first step. A few years ago; I wrote a report and appeared before several OMB hearings to try and help consumers protect their interests and draw attention to the issue surrounding land valuation and wind mills.


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14 Responses to OREA to take a stance on Windmills

  1. This is excellent news, Chris. We have been scratching our heads, wondering why OREA hasn’t looked at this problem in depth, given that Realtors have an interest in helping their clients to grow and protect home values and equity. Keep us informed!

  2. cluxemburger says:

    It absolutely is…

  3. Rural Grubby says:

    Great news Chris!! Thanks for stepping up on this issue. Several residents filing for reevaluation of their property values will be able to better substantiate their case now with MPAC.

  4. janet grace says:

    Wonderful news! It is time the Provincial government and the wind industry owns up to what is REALLY happening to property values when turbines are placed too close to homes. The setback guidelines established under the Green Energy Act ar totally inadequate!

  5. Natalia says:

    Good! Finally! Let’s pray, the OREA has enough weight to influence the province.

  6. Brian Keenan says:

    Read this article and grasp the potential for a nuclear meltdown here in Ontario and people will soon be begging for more wind turbines and the shutdown of coal and nuclear generating plants.

    Toronto Star March 9th, 2011 before the Japan earth quake.

    • cluxemburger says:

      I think that renewable sources of energy are a must; and I’m not disputing that. The issue at hand is not whether there should be windmills; but where they should be placed and how they should installed. As a Realtor(R) yourself; you must be concerned with the impact on the consumer’s we represent as well as the liability we are exposed too without a real definition of expectations or disclosure requirements. The bottom line is the windmill projects have had a negative impact on health, land values, and the sense of enjoyment of a rural property. Not acceptable in my eyes

  7. Mike McCann says:


    Drop me a note. I beleive we can assist each other in getting the truth out.

    Mike McCann
    McCann Appraisal, LLC

  8. Ginny says:

    Hi Chris,
    I have a copy of the OREA Seller Property Information Statement. It is good news that IWT have been added right underneath dumps,disposal sites or landfills.
    I would like to make a suggestion however. The question refering to hydro generating projects mentions windmills, these are Industrial Wind Turbines and should be named as such. None the less I am delighted that action is being taken toacknowledge what is just plain common sense.

  9. Craig says:

    Here is a very interesting ( seems unbiased )critique of the Turbine issue from the Australian Enviorment Foundation at the link below.
    This group seems to only care about scientific evidence not theorys or heresay.
    It has a page on real estate values as well.
    It is well worth reading.

  10. Linda says:

    We are not talking about windmills here.
    They are industrial wind turbines.

  11. Steve in Toronto says:

    Home buyers will have continual trust in realtors and their services if they know the realtor is liable to disclose any property devaluation factors. If not, buyers could turn more and more to private sales or no-commission services since they realize they’d have to do their own property homework anyway.

  12. cluxemburger says:

    It’s great to see the number of replies this post has seen. Would love to have more of you weigh in on the issue.

  13. Mark Phipps says:

    Sitting in your presentation checking out your blogpage on my IPAD. Great job today!

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