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This is a great video… And Absolutely right!

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How to Leverage Technology!

technologyThere is one thing that has been a constant in the Real Estate Industry – and that is change.

The reality is that the industry is changing not because it wants to; but because it has to.  REALTORS® have been forced to adapt a new way of doing business.  The consumers expectations have gone from “I’ll get back to you in a couple days” to “I expect that you get back to me a few minutes”.

This drastic change in expectations coupled with the ever growing popularity of DIY (Do It Yourself) has resulted in technology becoming a main stay in the Real Estate Industry.  Concepts like Social Media, Mobile Computing, Push Technology, and Database Automation are now essential for REALTORS® to grow and prosper.

The divide between successful and unsuccessful REALTORS® is also growing.  It used to be that 20% of the REALTORS® did 80% of the business.  Well; that is not true anymore.  The fact is now that 1% of the REALTORS® account for 87% of the business (based on IMS Stats).

So what does this mean for REALTORS®? Well; more so than any other time in the past the Brokerage plays an integral part in their success.  REALTORS® need the support to show them how to implement these concepts and how to deliver them to their customers and clients.

At Sutton Group Central Realty we have a tried and proven system that shows our agents how to balance technology off and implement it in a progressive manner.  Give us a call for a confidential appointment.

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Pintrest for REALTORS®

For any of you REALTORS® looking to expand your social networking exposure, you should consider Pintrest. Pintrest is a great site to pin pictures on a bulletin board and utilize that as a discussion or promotional tool for your services. Another great way to drive traffic to your site or to build your network!

Here is an interesting article I am reposting that gives you the do’s and don’ts of Pintrest.

Just because you ditched e-mail for Facebook long ago or you were one of the first tweeters around doesn’t mean you’re not perplexed by Pinterest. You know what it is – a social network that acts as an online bulletin board for your favourite images – and maybe you already use it personally. But are you using it properly – to promote your business, that is?

Using Pinterest as a marketing tool for businesses that sell products and services is a great way to boost traffic to a website and, more importantly, convert that traffic to sales. Despite that potential business bonanza, the various ways of using Pinterest for business aren’t all effective to the same degree.

Here are four tips for using Pinterest for your business:

1. Consider your options.

As mentioned, not all marketing strategies for using Pinterest are as effective. Here are three ways companies use the social tool:
•Mavens – Use images that are not their own and pin from elsewhere on the Web.
•Connectors – Don’t use their own materials but insist on re-pinning images from others on Pinterest.
•Showcasers – Post their own images from their websites or blogs.

2. Customize your chosen strategy.

From these options, the “mavens” tend to receive the most clicks and re-pins and the best overall results, while the showcasers received the fewest, according to a June study conducted by Pinsights, a Pinterest analytics provider.

Does this mean that showcasers should start using the other people’s images? Not necessarily. But it does show that instead of showing your company name and its wares, you might try to pin more than just your offerings alone.

That’s what big-brand mavens like Kate Spade do, according to Pinsights. On average, Kate Spade pins more than 50 images to two dozen categories a week. Out of all these pins, only 30 per cent of the images belong to the brand.

3. Be efficient.

Many brands that have been successful in Pinterest have also decided to integrate Twitter into their social profiles. When they pin something to Pinterest, they can send out a Tweet at the same time, therefore making the most of their time and maximizing their exposure.

4. Pin all-around likable images.

Because it’s image-based, Pinterest has different rules of marketing than other social networks, which is why the maven strategy works best. Users think of re-pinning as identifying themselves with that photo, video, image or infographic. It’s not the same as re-tweeting through Twitter or liking something on Facebook. Consumers are more careful with being identified with images that are not what they believe in.

This means that companies that want a presence on Pinterest must use graphics that their customers can relate to. It’s not about getting the products out there; it’s about pinning something for others to identify with. If that can be achieved then more clicks and re-pins will follow.

Adam Toren is a serial entrepreneur, mentor, investor and co-founder of He is co-author, with his brother Matthew, of Kidpreneurs and Small Business, BIG Vision: Lessons on How to Dominate Your Market from Self-Made Entrepreneurs Who Did it Right (Wiley). He is based in Phoenix, Ariz.

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Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day! Hope everyone has an opportunity to reflect on how great our country really is

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I’ve made a switch!

I would like to announce to all my friends, colleagues, and clients that I have made a switch to Sutton Group – Central Realty Inc. (Brokerage), as their Broker Manager.  I look forward to continuing to serve all of you at Sutton Central and to help grow a Propserous and Professional Brokerage.

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What do you love about your home?

Well… It appears spring time is here,  it at least it feels like it with the +20 Celsius temps…  With Spring Time upon us, it is a good time to reflect on what needs to be done around the house after a long cold, wet winter. So, let the Spring Cleaning Begin!

However, we far too often focus on the negative parts of our home.  I’m sure most of us want a new Kitchen, new flooring, or a new Bathroom. But what is it about your home that you like the most.  It could be a room, it could be your property, or it could be something completely different.

Post your answers on the poll below and let’s see what people love about their home!

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The changing face of Real Estate Brokerages

I was on my way to a meeting yesterday and got into an in-depth discussion with some of my colleagues with regards to the changing face of Real Estate Brokerages, and what I think may happen over the next few years.

Consumers are demanding more and more from our agents and in turn; our agents are demanding more and more from our Brokerages. Gone are the days that the Brokerages will be recruiting firms while observing the “status quo” by simply ensuring REALTORS® trade within the mandated guidelines.

I believe Brokerages will become (or some will argue – return to) marketing powerhouses while continuing to do all the things Brokerages do today. The marketing processes and techniques in the industry are vastly different from one Real Estate Professional to another. I strongly believe the Brokerages in the future that grow will be those that can help their REALTORS® with lead-generation and marketing; in other words, help their people be more successful.

Some of you are probably thinking that this is common sense, that of course Brokerages grow because they add value to the REALTOR® – But I will argue that’s not the case. Brokerages grow today because of misplaced value propositions; they are more interested in growing the numbers through recruiting, than growing through retention. What this has caused is a Brokerage Industry that is very focused on cost cutting; trying to recruit the next agent with the lowest fee structure possible.

The problem with this model is you breed a very low level of loyalty to the brand; and instead the REALTOR® is forced to brand themselves and figure out how to best market themselves and their clients listings on their own. This also has breed a boom in DIY (Do it Yourself) Brokerages, where the REALTOR® gets their Brokers License and decides to open their own small company to just do it on their own and pay even lower fees.

Well, a shift has already started. I believe this shift will result in Brokerages becoming the marketing and technological powerhouses and thru this shift, a more consistent service will be offered to the consumer. I also believe this shift will result in a narrowing of the Mid-sized Brokerage market.

Mid-Sized Brokerages will either adapt to become large Brokerages, or they will lose their mid-sized status to become small Brokerages. I was once told that “if you don’t like change, you will like irrelevance even less”; and I believe the writing is on the wall for Brokerages to look at themselves internally and start that change.

Interestingly enough, on my ride in this morning I received my electronic copy of REM Magazine; and guess what the feature article was – an article by Bill Hubbard with the caption of “The pendulum is swinging back”. I guess I’m not the only one that feels this way.

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